Cyber Prevention Versus Recovery?

The chicken or the egg?

The chicken or the egg?
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What’s the best way to assure your business survives an attack?

From the Great Wall of China to the newest antivirus software, no defensive barrier is 100% secure. A successful ransomware attack on your critical systems, data or back-up files is almost inevitable, leaving you open to:

  • Lost income
  • Reduced share value
  • Job losses
  • Damaged reputation

Rapid recovery is the key to cyber resilience

Assuming a breach will happen at some point, you need to know that your business will recover control of its systems and data and restart operations as soon as possible after an attack.

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Balance defence with recovery

Spending on cyber defence lowers the risk of a breach but investing in recovery means a quicker return to business.

Getting the balance right minimises the impact of a cyberattack.

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Who are Secrutiny?

We are a cyber consultancy that believes security doesn’t have to be complex to be smart, and the right balance between prevent, detect, respond and recover offers the best assurance that your operation will survive an incident. With diverse backgrounds in the latest enabling technologies, IT systems security, compliance and reducing risk, our specialist team encourage and guide you through the evolution of a journey always based on improvement for better security and peace of mind.

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