Ransomware-as-a-Service EXPLAINED

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[SEPTEMBER 23  |   10-11 AM BST]


A very worrisome trend is emerging

A very worrisome trend is emerging, Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS), that sees threat actors moving from automated attacks to highly targeted “hands-on-keyboard” hacking. It is no longer about criminals nipping in and stealing some data and then trying to extort you. These are professionally run ‘businesses’ investing hours and hours into understanding your organisation and data. Why is this causing such alarm? Because the potential damage is much greater from these more complex attacks (they cost a US fuel pipeline $4.4m in May).

This session offers:

  • insight into the timeline and journey of a ransomware attack (from both the attacker and victim perspectives);
  • an explanation of how the cybercrime ecosystem hides and offsets liability;
  • and our tips for what you can do to improve negotiations should you become a target.

We’ll look at the lessons learnt from a recent and horrific real-world ransomware incident, sharing excerpts of the negotiation transcript, including when the threat actors directly contacted employees telling them they have the employee data, and their employer won’t pay up!

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