Secrutiny Cybersecurity - Whitepaper - Time for a Cyber Risk Perspective

It is a round the clock challenge to secure your organisation; but it’s made even more so by a tendency to be distracted by threat rather than focusing on business risk. It’s in our nature to respond to Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) which is exactly why threats make for powerful headlines; but out of context they are meaningless. Instead, organisations need to determine the cyber risks that are relevant to their business. It’s time for a cyber risk perspective.

Our educational white paper led by Simon Crumplin, Founder of Secrutiny, aims to change the cybersecurity conversation from one distracted by threat, to one that’s focused on business risk.

Read now to discover:

  • How to spot whether a cyber threat is a business risk that needs attention or yet more propaganda
  • A powerful framework to map cyber risk against business risk
  • The ‘7 Steps for Forensic Level Focus’ to be able to quantify and manage risk
  • The context-setting questions you need to ask to determine business risk
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